You just signed up, now what?

First: Schedule your beginners course

You’ll be contacted very soon to start your first Beginners Course class! You’ll be hearing from one of our Beginners Course Coaches, Nick, Crystal, Brad, or Jess.

Once that’s set up, you’ll participate in four 1-on-1 classes with that Coach to learn all the basics of what we do here at CrossFit Cape Coral!

THEN: Show up to your first class!

  • Show up 5-10 minutes early.

    This is your opportunity to show up, get moving, meet and talk with friends, get changed, do all the things you’ll need and want to do before class starts.

  • Start of Class

    Your Coach will go over any gym announcements and prep you for today’s WOD.

  • The WOD

    The Workout of the Day (WOD) is the BEST PART OF YOUR DAY! This is where we’ll do our Strength Work, Skill Work, or Metabolic Conditioning for today’s session.

  • Recovery and Cooldown

    Congratulations, you finished! Now it’s time for the MOST IMPORTANT part of your day! We just did the hard work, now it’s time to make sure our bodies move well, inside AND outside of the gym. Your Coach will lead the class through mobility, stretching, and other recovery techniques.

Finally: Record your scores

We use an awesome app called SugarWOD to record our scores. You’ll get to load your scores, see the leaderboard for the day, and communicate with your friends in the gym to see how they did! You can download SugarWOD on your phone and create a profile for yourself.