Coaches and Staff

At Crossfit Cape Coral, we have the most qualified fitness staff in SouthWest Florida. We are military, firefighter, and law enforcement led, bringing hundreds of years of combined fitness experience to our athletes.

 Nick Habich  Owner, Director of Programming and Events, CEO of Athletic Recovery Services Coach/General Manager of SWFL Sharks

Nick Habich

Owner, Director of Programming and Events,
CEO of Athletic Recovery Services
Coach/General Manager of SWFL Sharks

 Shanen Burns  Owner, Coach

Shanen Burns

Owner, Coach

 Jym Meers Coach

Jym Meers

 Anna Pietila Coach

Anna Pietila

 Tyler Toner Coach

Tyler Toner

 Abba Devitt Director of Teen Weightlifting/Coach

Abba Devitt
Director of Teen Weightlifting/Coach

 Heather Olsen Shelton Coach

Heather Olsen Shelton

 Ronnie Radosevich Coach

Ronnie Radosevich

 Mareille Rolon Beginner's Course Coach

Mareille Rolon
Beginner's Course Coach

 Kelly Fitzgerald Junco Office Manager

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
Office Manager

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Nick Habich - Owner/head Coach

Nick is a United States Army Infantryman who served in Iraq multiple times. Growing up all over the country, he used his mixed experiences to train soldiers in various forms of physical activity in order to prepare for combat. He discovered CrossFit on the internet, and spent his first year attempting to participate in the programming while using an out of date YMCA in Northern New York.

Nick has a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from Florida Gulf Coast University. He is the head Athletic Therapist at Athletic Recovery Services, and is the Head Coach of the SWFL Sharks in the Florida Grid League. He enjoys nothing more than helping people push themselves further than they ever thought possible.
"Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone"

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Shanen Burns - co-owner/Coach

Shanen served in the Army for 7 years. He is extremely talkative, and enjoys being tickled. He was a US Army Infantryman in the 75th Ranger Battalion, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was trained extensively in the Army's Physical Readiness Training Program. He is also trained in the Modern Army Combative Program and the Ranger Warrior Athlete Program. He is now a National Guardsman , and currently studying Computer Information Systems at Florida Gulf Coast University. Shanen also has a beard. Which is obviously a known strength multiplier.

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Abba Devitt - Coach

I have been a firefighter for 17 years. I have always been an athletic person and enjoyed working out. Throughout high school and college I played football and was trained on the fundamentals of power lifting. I began CrossFit in 2011 and immediately developed a passion for the sport. There was no turning back from that point. My goal is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone regardless of their fitness level. I want to help people become their PERSONAL BEST by pushing them to their true potential.

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Jym Meers - Coach

Jim found CrossFit while looking for a more efficient way to train Police Recruits to meet their physical fitness requirements while in the NYPD Police Academy. Jim began to incorporate some of CrossFit's methodologies into training the recruits as well as his own training & firmly believes that the functional movements found in CrossFit carry over to "real world" fitness & will aid the Officers he trained in their careers as first responders. As a personal trainer Jim has used his years of training & teaching along with CrossFit's methods of weightlifting, gymnastics movements, cardiovascular training & nutritional principles with his clients to greatly improve their all over quality of life. His favorite part of coaching is the great community spirit that CrossFit develops allowing each person to flourish in all aspects of their lives & achieve new tasks that they never thought possible.

Jim is also a Veteran of the U.S Army (Dessert Shield/Storm) & obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant. He has competed in numerous off road obstacle races, 5k's & a half marathon. "Train or be Punished" & "Feed the Machine"


Tyler Toner - Coach

Tyler was raised in Cape Coral and has been involved in physical fitness his whole life. He played football for 15 years including high school. He grew up running Cross Country as well as participating in Track and Field. He trains very hard, participates in local competitions, with the goal of making it to the CrossFit Games! He is a semiprofessional athlete in the Florida Grid League.


Anna Pietila - Coach

I've been active in various sports my whole life, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered CrossFit. I was hooked from day one. I love how CrossFit incorporates so many different aspects of fitness into one sport, and how it's always evolving, making it a constant challenge.


Heather Olsen Shelton - Coach

I have been an athlete my whole life and love a good competition. I have competed in body building, play beach volleyball, and trained for a marathon. In a nutshell, I LOVE FITNESS!!!! CrossFit takes everything I love and incorporates it into one amazing sport that never gets old or boring because there are ALWAYS new goals to set and attain. I hope to share my enthusiasm with others and watch them enjoy their accomplishments.


Ronnie Radosevich - Coach

I started CrossFit because my wife wanted to work out and I wanted to support her. I was skeptical at first because I had always lifted weights at a normal gym, I quickly got addicted to how challenging it could be and how varied the programming is! To this day I look forward to the challenge and to continue progressing and attacking my weaknesses!


Mareille Rolon - Beginners Course Coach

Mareille is no stranger to an active lifestyle. Growing up, she spent countless nights training as a competitive gymnast. Her first job was coaching younger children with learning disabilities at the gym she trained at. In high school, she was a member of the varsity cheerleading and track teams, and was a member of the dance team and marching band. Mareille continued cheering and dancing after high school and was a member of the cheerleading and dance teams at Florida Gulf Coast University. After college, Mareille had a hard time staying motivated at the globo gym and had the itch for something more. In 2012, she found a sport that combined her passion of gymnastics with cardio and weightlifting. The sport of CrossFit became more than just a strength and conditioning program, it became a way of life. It also presented an opportunity to share her passions with others and help them achieve their goals by becoming a certified CrossFit trainer. She is also a semiprofessional athlete in the Florida Grid League.

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Kelly Fitzgerald Junco - Office Manager

Loves the barbell, hates the jump rope. Kelly has always loved fitness and has played soccer her entire life, competing at the collegiate level. In 2014 she found CrossFit and promptly thought it wasn't for her. After knee surgery in 2015, she tried again, and she fell in love with the sport and the community that CrossFit offers. Her favorite part of the gym is the friendships she has made, the support she receives and the push to always achieve something new. She hopes to help people find a home at CrossFit Cape Coral, just like she did. Outside the gym Kelly is a writer and helps people get sober.