Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is the most up-to-date brand of fitness.  We combine the absolute best portions of bodybuilding, running, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, gymnastics, and basically any other type of fitness method there is. We leave out the useless portions, take the most important parts, and use them to create the most exciting, engaging, and fun exercise program there is. This results in the most mentally and physically rewarding challenge you could ask for. 
CrossFit is most definitely NOT easy. But through the teaching from your well trained coaches, the support you receive from the community of athletes next to you, and the thrill of getting in your best shape, you'll be able to overcome any challenge thrown your way.

Is CrossFit Safe?

Yes! CrossFit classes are completely trainer-led. As a new member, you go through a Beginner's Course in order to learn all the movements you'll need to safely perform in our classes. Once in classes, you're never on your own. Coaches will help you through the workouts, guide how movements should be altered, and educate you as to how hard you should be going. Just like in any other sport or exercise, there is a chance for injury, but you're a lot safer working under the eye of trained coaches at CrossFit, than you would be on your own in another gym.

Do I need to be in shape to try CrossFit?

Absolutely not. That's exactly WHY you join CrossFit! We give a Beginners Course for all new members; that helps ease you into the process of CrossFit classes. Once you're in normal classes, our Coaches are all trained to help you scale workouts so that they are at an appropriate level for you. Everyone starts somewhere, and you can't get better until you start.

How are classes structured?

All classes are roughly 1 hour long. During a normal class: We start with a group warm-up, progress into Skill or Strength work for that day, move on to a more cardio-based portion (which many people call the WOD), and finish up with a group cool down and mobility session. Coaches are present and engaged with you the entire time, you're never left on your own.

Why do I have to do a Beginners Course?

We truly believe that CrossFit classes are the best way for you to get in your best shape ever. Part of why, is that Coaches are able to give 100% to the members in each class. If a new member enters a class, without at least a beginner-level of introduction to our movements, neither they nor the new members get the attention they deserve. 
Our Beginners Course is 4 classes with a coach, giving a very high level of attention, teaching the basics of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and how our classes are structured. These adequately prepare you for your time in our Crossfit classes!

I have an injury, is it safe for me to join Crossfit?

Yes, it is. Our coaches are all trained to safely alter your workouts, with the goal of preserving the workout without putting you in an unsafe position. On top of that, our Crossfit Coaches are advised by Athletic Recovery Services, a team of healthcare professionals connected with Crossfit Cape Coral. At CFCC, we bring an unprecedented mix of both fitness and healthcare (through movement). 

Why is CrossFit so much more expensive than my gym?

This is a great question. The most simple answer: Crossfit Cape Coral is so much more than a gym. 
The more in-depth answer: At CFCC, you receive personal attention every single time you're here. Personal training can cost up to $80 per hour in Cape Coral, meaning that two sessions of personal training at ANOTHER gym can cost more than your entire month worth of training at even our most expensive membership. We'd love to prove to you why we're worth the money, so come on in!

I'm a girl, is CrossFit going to make me "bulky?"

No. Feel free to browse our pictures, on our website, our facebook, or our instagram, and see just how silly that question is :)

What should I eat before and after CrossFit?

This will be different for everyone involved. The best way to find out is to experiment with ideas that make sense!

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